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Marina Coastal Delights - Sunset Cruise

10 Jun 2021 - Posted By Sindo Ferry

Marina Coastal Delights: A Sunset Cruise to Rediscover Singapore

Singapore is known for its shopping centres, modern architecture, and incredible skyscrapers. But did you know about the numerous islands in Singapore? Have you ever watched the sun set behind the stunning skyline from the sea? 

Today, we have some RediscoverSingapore vouchers that will change how you view the city. Sindo Ferry, one of the best ferry services in Singapore, is offering a unique sunset cruise experience to take you along several places of interests in Singapore. 

Set sail from Harbourfront Centre for an unforgettable journey! Whether you are cruising solo or spending the evening with loved ones, there is truly nothing more relaxing than sailing along Singapore's Marina coastline on a ferry.


What is Marina Coastal Delights?

On board our ferry, you will be enjoying two hours of wining and dining abroad a garden-themed ferry.   Outside, behold  the beautiful Marina coastline and the spectacular setting sun.  Watch as the sun sets in a magnificent  orange glow against  the Southern Islands and the city lights coming into view.  Enjoy the sparkling night views of our cityscape.  

Standing on our upper deck, feel the cool night breeze against your cheek and smell the crisp ocean air.  There is nothing more delightful!

With your friends and loved ones onboard,  enjoy the relaxing dinner in a garden setting.  Unwind and let your mind drift towards happy moments.   


Rediscover Singapore with this Sunset Cruise Dinner Offer

Following our successful packages, Singapore Discovery Journey and Singapore Sunset Voyage, Marina Coastal Delights - Sunset Cruise is a brand new experience specially curated for those who enjoy viewing the night lights in the sky and on land from the sea.  

Come sail with us along the Marina coast during the Golden Hour on the cusp of sunset and watch the sky transform from day to night.  Picture yourself sailing past silhouettes of uninhabited islands and achored ships off Singapore.  Let us pamper you with a variety of drinks and dinner. 

Our Marina Coastal Delights - Sunset Cruise tour package also comes with pre-recorded commentaries which will serve as your audio tour guide as you sail past places of interest.

Better yet, this new tour package is eligible for SingaporeRediscover vouchers, which means you get to enjoy more of life's pleasures for free!


A Unique Ferry Dining Experience

Our Marina Coastal Delights - Sunset Cruise begins from Harbourfront Centre at 6 pm, about an hour before sunset.  The two-hour cruise will end about an hour after sunset at 8 pm.

Sindo Ferry is currently the only ferry company operating from Harbourfront Centre, which is easy to get to any time, any day, unlike other more remote venues.  MRT at the doorsteps, ample parking and hundreds of retail outlets for you to indulge your senses.  We couldn't have found a more convenient embarkation point for you.

Inside our ferry, you will be assigned to tables between 2 and 8 people, depending on your group size.  Our ferry can also serve as your perfect venue to celebrate special occassions, including birthdays and anniversaries.  And yes, we are happy to make special arrangements for your special one!

Come join us for a night to remember. 

Come aboard our Marina Coastal Delights!

Sindo Ferry, Singapore's most established ferry operator, since 1999.


Social Distancing & Covid-19 Measures

We understand how  this pandemic has made people more wary of leaving their homes and venturing out to public places.  However, on our Marina Coastal Delights ferry, there is plenty of room for safe distancing and private moments.  The ferry itself can accomodate up to 180 people at a time, but our coastal cruise takes in 50 people at most. 

Your health and safety is our number one priority.


Which Islands Will You See?

Even though Singapore is a small island city, the island itself is surrounded by smaller islands off its southern tip, known as the Southern Islands.

The most famous of our Southern Islands are Saint's John and Lazarus, which are connected by a pedestrian causeway.  Unlike the "mainland", these two islands are uninhabited ,free of vehicles and do not have a single retail outlet between them.  If you are lucky, you might find a bicycle rental pop-up stall. 

Both islands have a rich heritage dating back to the pre-colonial period.  Look out for gorgeous lagoons, secluded fishing spots and sheltered picnic gazebos.

Close by, we have Kusu Island, which is home to interesting folkfore and myths, not to mention a mosque and a temple.

Take note that our Marina Coastal Delights sunset cruise does not call on any of these Southern Islands in the evening, as entry to these islands is not encouraged after sunset.

If you are interested in visiting these islands during the day, join us abroad our Singapore Discovery Journey and Singapore Sunset Voyage, departing on every Thursdays to Sundays from Harbourfront Centre.  


How to Book

Why wait, purchase your tickets through Flamingo Travel Services, simply visit this direct page.  PayNow and major credit cards are accepted.  You will receive an instant confirmation.

If you would like to redeem your SingaporeRediscover vouchers, please purchase your tickets from the various authorised platforms.  Click here to view the page.