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Marina Coastal Delights


Come sail with us abroad our garden-themed ferry for two hours while marvelling at the breath-taking views of Singapore’s marina coastline.  No extra charge for stunning sunsets!

Enjoy the fresh sea breeze on our specially outfitted open deck, while sipping your drinks and beholding the unblocked 360-degree views of Singapore’s iconic landmarks.  

Your evening will be a uniquely memorable one.


So, what can you expect?

1   Uniquely romantic and nostalgic two hours cruise along our Marina Coastline and Sentosa.

2  Enjoy the Singapore’s first ferry dining experience departing from Harbourfront Centre (see itinerary below).

3  Safe and comfortable ferry ride with a beautiful garden theme interior.

4  Complimentary Indonesian snacks (peyek, fishball crackers, emping).

5  Complimentary dinner and drinks (local / western / vegetarian options, see menu below).

6  Dining and unwinding while watching the sunset and enjoying the unique marina views.

7  Breathe in and feel the sea breeze from the ferry’s open deck, capture special “Insta Moments” on photos and videos.

8  Create special memories with your loved ones.



Marina Coastal Delights Itinerary:

17:40hrs            –  Boarding commences.  (Harbourfront Centre – Level 1)

18:00hrs            –  Ferry departs from Harbourfront Centre

18:00 to 19:30    –  Dine, relax and enjoy the stunning sunset and coastal views

20:00hrs            –  Return to Harbourfront Centre


Marina Coastal Delights Dinner Menu (click here to view the full menu):

(please choose one per pax)

A  Chicken Teriyaki with roasted potatoes, fried gyoza and refreshing salad

B  Fried rice with roasted potatoes, fried gyoza and refreshing salad

 Mushroom carbonara pasta with roasted potatoes, fried gyoza and refreshing salad (vegetarian)

*all our meals are Halal-certified


For Singapore Rediscover Voucher (SRV) redemption, please visit this link.

In line with our latest Covid-19 Safe Management Measures, we are limiting our pax load to 50 pax per trip.  Each dining group (comprising no more than 8 pax) will be separated by at least 1 meter.  Inter-mingling of pax between different tables is not allowed.

Disinfection and cleaning will be carried out before and after the journey.  Let us stay safe together while enjoying ourselves!