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Your Ultimate Guide to Internet Connection (Data Roaming) in Batam

20 May 2023 - Posted By Sindo Ferry

When traveling to Batam / Bintan / Balai (Indonesia), having a reliable internet connection is essential for staying connected, accessing information, and sharing memorable moments. 

As a Singapore resident, you have several telco options to consider for data roaming in Batam.

In this article, we will explore the top telcos available, including Singtel, M1, StarHub, and AIRSIM, highlighting their offerings, advantages, and recommendations based on different travel scenarios.



Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness Combined

Singtel, being the largest telco in Singapore, offers a convenient data roaming solution for Batam.  For just $5, you can enjoy 1GB of data valid for 30 days.

This option is suitable for solo travelers or short trips, providing a cost-effective way to stay connected without worrying about excessive data charges. 

Learn more about Singtel's data roaming plans here.



ASEAN Data Plan for Frequent Travelers

For those who frequently travel to Batam, M1 offers an ASEAN data plan at $12 per month.  With this plan, you can utilize up to 2GB per month from your local data allocation.

This option is ideal for regular travelers or those who require more data during their stay.

Discover more about M1's data passport plans here.



Reliability and Flexibility

StarHub, known for its popularity among Singapore residents, offers a data roaming plan for Batam at $6 for 1GB. 

This option provides a balance between reliability and affordability, making it suitable for travelers seeking reliable connectivity without compromising their budget.

Find detailed information on StarHub's data plans here.



Versatility and Sharing Options

If you value versatility and the ability to share your internet connection with friends or family, Airsim is a great choice. For just $15, (comes with $12 worth of credit), you can use it to purchase data package in Batam. 

Airsim offers unlimited data starts from $3.50 for 24 hours, 3 days for $6.50, 5 days for $10.  Have we mentioned it's an unlimited data?  That means you can use it as a hotspot and share it with your travelling buddies. 

If you have unused credits, don't worry, it can be used for purchasing other data packages in other countries such as Europe, Australia, Japan etc.

Airsim is definitely an excellent option for family trips or groups. 

Airsim card is available for purchase at Sindo Ferry counters at Harbourfront Centre and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.



When it comes to data roaming in Batam, Singapore residents have several excellent telco options to choose from.

Singtel provides convenience and cost-effectiveness, while M1 caters to frequent travelers with its ASEAN data plan.

StarHub offers a reliable yet affordable option, and Airsim provides versatility and sharing capabilities.

Consider your specific needs, such as solo travel, short trips, regular trips, or trips with family, and select the telco that best suits your requirements.

Stay connected effortlessly during your Batam adventures and enjoy a seamless online experience with the right data roaming plan tailored to your travel needs.